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Residential Services

 Custom Home Design:

This service is for complete custom home design service. Starting out with simple questions but very important; is consisted of 3(three) stages to complete.

Step 1 – Data Collection: During the first step we exchange information.  You get the contract/estimate for your review which guarantees delivery of your plans. You email, mail or meet about all your idea's, sketches, notes, pictures and anything else that you would like to give to me in preparing the schematics. Retainer fee is collected.

Step 2 –Schematic Plans: After about a week of 10 days, you will receive via email a schematic plan set consisting of the floor plan &/or front elevation for your approval. You return them with any changes/revisions and the process repeat until your 100% approve the design & layout, at which time the construction plans are prepared. Second payment is collected.

Step 3 – Construction Plans: After about a week or so you will receive notice that the final plans are complete. A copy of the plans will be sent to you for complete final approval and final payment is collected once your 100% satisfied with your drawings.

 Cost: Pricing for this service is base on square footage of your home.                          COMPLETE ESTIMATE/CONTRACT WILL BE GIVEN BEFORE STARTING - PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL

Construction Drawings Include The Following

Basic Package for New Residential Construction

Preliminary Second Floor Plan

Preliminary Foundation / Basement Plan

Detail Cover Sheet & Notes

Detail Foundation / Basement Plan

Detail First Floor

Detail Second Floor

Detail Front, Rear, Right & Left Elevation

Roof Plan

Typical Detail Sheet

Plot Plan (if needed by JDH or Engineer)

                Additional Drawings at Additional Cost if needed:   

                 Electricals Plan, Detail Site Plan, Cross Sections, Interior Details,

                 Room Finish Schedule, Door Schedule & Window Schedule       

                   Remodeling Services       

Remodeling Design:

JDH Design will be happy to provide design services to homeowners that want to update their current homes. No small or large project JDH design can’t design like adding a New Covered Porch or a New Family Room. Whatever you like we can design it, from concept sketches to architectural drawings.

You have the ability to see the complete project in full 1/4 scale drawings before the first nail is driven.  We will make sure the addition or redesign of the exterior is exactly what you expect beforehand. 

Cost: Pricing for remodeling projects are billed hourly. COMPLETE ESTIMATE/CONTRACT WILL BE GIVEN BEFORE STARTING - PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL

  Construction Drawings Include The Following:

Basic Package for New Addition/Renovation


Preliminary Existing Elevation w/ New Addition

Demo Plan

New Foundation Plan (w/existing)

New First Floor (w/existing)

New Second Floor (w/existing)

New Elevations (w/existing)

New Plot Plan (if needed by JDH or Engineer)

New Roof Plan (w/existing)

Any measurements, ect.

       Additional Drawings at Additional Cost if needed:

     Electricals Plan, Detail Site Plan, Cross Sections, Interior Details,  

     Room Finish Schedule, Door Schedule & Window Schedule

                   Light Commerical Services

 Commercial Design:

JDH Design offers light commercial design. Office built-outs, small retail buildings, multi-family housing, any light commercial project you can dream up. Commercial project are handle a little different than residential projects, but that doesn’t change the services, attention to detail and affordable rates.

Commercial projects are ready to build and all design, engineering, state and local permits and construction documents are handled under one contract.

During the initial phase of your project we will determine your needs by collecting and analyze your information, establish engineering needs, space planning, assessments, building placement, zoning, code analysis, construction budget and target completion date. Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineers and architects will put their hand and design on your project to complete the drawings.

Cost: Pricing for light commercial and multi-family projects are per square foor under roof COMPLETE ESTIMATE/CONTRACT WILL BE GIVEN BEFORE STARTING - PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL



Professional Drafting/Design Services for Home Owners, Builders, Architects and Subcontractors

Our services features include:

1hr. Free initial consultation/meeting

Guaranteed professionalism & protection w/ all CAD’s confidentiality agreement

As Built/Redlines/Revisions

Plot plans

Electrical Plans

Residential plans/Construction Documents

Paper to Cad conversion

Job site field measuring

Interior & Exterior Details

Construction Plans

Renovation & Addition Plans

Architectural Designer Plans